Offering Quality Personalized Healthcare Right Here @ Home

Offering Quality Personalized Healthcare Right Here @ Home

Welcome to VMH! New Donor Wall
Donor Wall Recognizes Contributors to Veterans Memorial Hospital


Pictured is the  “Caring for All” Donor Wall which is to acknowledge all of the generous donors to the hospital since the capital campaign in 1998.  This wall is located in the main entrance lobby, next to the “Access For All” capital campaign donor wall, and recognizes memorial donations as well as annual giving donations to the Foundation.  Click Here for the "Caring for All" Donor Wall Brochure or brochures are available inside the main entrance to Veterans Memorial Hospital.

The wall also recognizes all memorial donations of $500 or more given in memory of any individual in the community.  These memorials may be cumulative for the same person named in a variety of donations to the Foundation, or a lump sum donation from the deceased family or a combination of these.   All memorial donations of any amount given to the hospital are also listed in the Memorial Book near the donor wall.

All general donations of $1000 and over are also included on the wall.  These may include estates and bequests, or may be cumulative from year to year in the annual appeal sent out to the area community each fall.  Once the donor’s name is on the wall, the donor may have his or her name added again to the wall once they have reached the next cumulative level of recognition.

This new donor wall was designed and constructed by Jay Erb of Kerndt Monument Works, and was installed in January.  Each year, the donor wall will be updated, adding all of the names who have reached these levels of giving to the Foundation.

The Veterans Memorial Health Care Foundation was incorporated on July 26, 1982, for the purpose of raising funds for hospital and local health care needs.   A fifteen member board consisting of volunteers from communities throughout the area the hospital serves make up the Veterans Memorial Health Care Foundation.  The Veterans Memorial Health Care Foundation is a 501(c)(3) by IRS code.  Donations to the Foundation are tax deductible.

"Caring for All" Donor Wall Brochure

For more information, please call the Veterans Memorial Hospital Health Care Foundation at 568-3411.


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