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Standards of Behavior

Veterans Memorial Hospital Standards of Behaviors

The goal of Veterans Memorial Hospital is to employ staff who exemplifies an excellent standard of behavior. A set of performance standards have been developed by VMH staff to define behaviors that all employees are expected to practice with every person, every time.

Patient-Centered Care

I am Veterans Memorial Hospital.  Guests (patients, family members, and visitors) are the most important people in the hospital.  My guests depend on me and are not an interruption of my work; they are my work.  Taking care of guests is a privilege and an honor, for they trust me with their lives. 

$1YTreat our guests with the utmost respect, dignity, care, concern, courtesy and compassion.  I will:  

$1·         Know and honor the Veterans Memorial Hospital Mission, as it is the basis for the hospital work environment.  I will be at my best, at all times.  I will treat guests as I would want my family to be treated.

$1·         Knock before entering a patient room or office.  Close curtains or doors during exams, procedures or consults.  Provide patients with an appropriate fitting robe or gown (or blanket).  In doing so explain that: “We are doing this for your privacy.” 

$1·         Escort a guest to their destination when they appear to need directions.

$1·         Think safety first.  Each employee is responsible for creating a safe, secure and accident free environment for all guests and each other. Report all accidents, incidents, and potential hazards promptly and correct them immediately.  Know all safety and emergency procedures.

$1·         Practice AIDET - every person, every time.  Listen and respond to both verbal and non-verbal messages.

$1§  Acknowledge guests – Say hello and greet guests by name with a warm attitude and eye contact. 

$1§  Introduce myself, my skill set, and my role in the guest’s care.  This builds my credibility, and the customer’s confidence, right up front. 

$1§  Duration - Keep guests informed about their care, treatments, and medications.  Explain what is happening, how long it will take, and the reason for any delays. This alleviates uncertainty and makes the guest feel more comfortable. 

$1§  Explain – Go into detail about important aspects of what I’m doing.  Use appropriate terms that can be understood by guests.  Communicate appropriately to fit age, gender and culture.  Invite and answer questions.  Provide timely feedback.   

$1§  Thank them for choosing Veterans Memorial Hospital – routinely practice an “attitude of gratitude.”  Every guest is special; choose an attitude that facilitates this.

$1·         Minimize guest waiting and explain delays

$1§  Educate guests about processes and provide a comfortable atmosphere for waiting families.  Inform guests of potential delays, update them every 20 minutes when there is a delay, and provide diversional activities.

$1§  Offer refreshments and apology if a wait occurs.  Always thank the guest for waiting.

$1§  Update family members periodically – at least hourly while a guest is undergoing a procedure.

$1·         Practice “Service Recovery

$1§  Practice the “HEAT” method:  Hear them out, Empathize, Apologize, Take Action.

$1§  Never lose a guest.  Strive to meet the guest’s expectations. 

$1§  Own concerns or complaints.  Whenever expectations are not met,I will own it, immediately acknowledge it by saying, “I am so sorry, what can I do to fix this right now?”  I will personally ensure we make amends for it, and record it. 


$1YAnticipate and exceed guests’ needs and expectations.  I will:

$1·         Recognize and address patient needs, routines, lifestyles, and personal cares.  Ask about, respect, and honor patient preferences and choices while maintaining patient safety.  I will find someone to meet a request if I am unable to do so.

$1·         Treat guests and belongings with care and respect.

$1·         Anticipate guests’ needs.  Use the words, “Is there anything else I can do for you?  I have the time.”

$1§  Realize that call lights are everyone’s responsibilities.  Strive to respond to requests within three minutes.  Acknowledge the patient.  Find appropriate assistance when necessary.

$1§  Ensure continuity of operations by reporting to other members of the team before leaving the work area.


$1YProvide care with the patient being central to all decisions.  I will:

$1·         Work as a patient advocate, politely and respectfully making suggestions for patient care within my scope of practice. 

$1·         Ask “What’s best for the patient?”


I am Veterans Memorial Hospital.  Patient care and community service are best served by my high moral and ethical behavior.  Integrity must never be compromised. 

$1YMaintain a high degree of confidentiality and ethics.  I will:

$1·         Refrain from personal conversations among employees when guests are present.  Know where it is “off-stage” and “on-stage” and practice behavior accordingly.

$1·         Practice a high degree of confidentiality and ethics when dealing with patient care issues, business transactions, hospital plans, and through all communication forms (written, verbal and email).  

$1YConduct hospital business with high standards of behavior.  I will:

$1·         Avoid engaging in negativity or gossip.  Listening without acting to stop it is the same as participating.

$1·         Act as an ambassador of Veterans Memorial Hospital in and outside of the workplace.  Always speak positively.  Communicate any concerns to the appropriate person. 


$1YComply with regulatory standards and facility policies and procedures.  I will:

$1·         Learn and adhere to all VMH policies, procedures and regulatory standards.

$1·         Maintain professional certifications and licensures.


$1YRecognize, value and embrace diversity.  I will:

$1·         Show respect for every guest and colleague regardless of their age, race, social, economic or educational status. 


I am Veterans Memorial Hospital.  I have the duty to provide the best care and service.  I believe that life-long learning and improvement leads to excellence.  I accept ownership and accountability for my actions. 

$1YContinually strive to be better.  I will:

$1·         Use “Key Words at Key Times”.

$1·         Answer the phone with a “smile” in your voice and follow appropriate Telephone Etiquetteby:

$1§  Attempt to answer calls within three rings.

$1§  Identify “Veterans Memorial Hospital”, myself, my title, and the department.

$1§  Ask the caller’s permission to place them on hold.

$1§  Minimize hold time and thank the caller for holding.

$1§  Offer to take a message if that person is not available.

$1§  When transferring a call, inform the person to whom you are transferring as to the nature of the call.

$1§  End all calls politely and offer additional assistance.

$1·         Respond to telephone, voice mail, and e-mail appropriately.

$1§  Know how to operate the telephone and voicemail system

$1§  Respond to phone messages and e-mail in a timely manner.

$1·         Accept responsibility for my actions.  Avoid making excuses or blaming others. 

$1·         Do my job to the best of my ability every day.  Accept help and/or ask for it when I need it.

$1·         Routinely review work for errors and correct mistakes immediately.

$1·         Strive to create a positive environment through my personal appearance.

$1§  Dress in a professional manner, wearing clothing that is neat, clean and fits appropriately. Adhere to the dress code policy.

$1§  Practice good professional hygiene including exceptional hand washing.

$1§  Wear identification badges at all times; above the waist, below the neck, outside my attire and visible.


$1YPursue innovativeapproaches to improving healthcare.  I will:

$1·         Understand and accept that change is part of a culture of excellence.  Be actively involved in improving processes so that time is not spent repeatedly fixing problems. 

$1YTake initiative to identify, evaluate, and solve problems.  I will:

$1·         Consider it an honor and a responsibility to be included in improvement projects and on teams and committees. 

$1·         Understand that when mistakes happen, it often reflects the process and not the person.  Look to find solutions to improve processes.

$1YEmbrace life-long learning to enhance skills and knowledge.  I will:

$1·         Successfully complete hospital training programs. 

$1·         Seek out and attend outside educational opportunities to improve work skills and knowledge.

$1YUse and incorporate data, standards of care, and best practices into work processes and decision making. 


I am Veterans Memorial Hospital.  I value and respect each person’s talents and contributions.  I realize each staff member is unique and important in providing the best patient care.  I believe that better results are produced through teamwork than one person or department working alone.  To truly commit to excellence, we must help each other be accountable to our mission and values.

$1YDemonstrate respect for staff and partners with concern, care, courtesy and compassion.  I will:

$1·         Be courteous, honest and thoughtful in my interactions with colleagues.   Support them during tough times and celebrate their successes during good times.

$1·         Be respectful of colleagues’ time, decisions, and knowledge by being helpful and efficient. 

$1·         Go out of my way to make new co-workers and medical staff members feel welcome.  Help them while they are learning their job duties.

$1·         Expect and assume the best from others.  Trust that people come to work to do a good job. 

$1YRecognize and value each person’s talents and contributions.  I will:

$1·         Praise and “manage up” colleagues to others to decrease guests’ anxiety.  Avoid making negative comments about a colleague.

$1·         Use the employee recognition system to acknowledge colleagues for outstanding performance.  Give credit to others for their work and ideas.


$1YWork cooperatively to solve problems, improve care and services, and achieve organizational goals.  I will:

$1·         Accept additional responsibilities and assist others.  Never say, “It’s not my job”, “I’m too busy,” or “We are short-staffed.” 

$1·         Admit when I make a mistake, learn from it and move on.  Practice the Standards of Behavior.  Give and accept corrections and coaching in a positive manner.

$1·         Respect others time and workload by being punctual for work, change of shifts, meetings, and return from breaks.  Provide input ahead of time for meetings I cannot attend.  Support the decisions of the group.

$1·         Actively listen to others.  Avoid being defensive.

$1·         Openly and respectfully discuss my concerns directly with an individual when they arise. Privately resolve conflicts face-to-face and not by using voice mail, e-mail, or in front of others. 

$1·         Only go to the appropriate leader for problems that can’t be resolved on an individual basis.  Follow the chain of command, and request follow-up.

Social Responsibility

I am Veterans Memorial Hospital.  I am part of the larger community and have a duty to promote health by being a role model.  I believe it is my responsibility to help protect the environment and wisely use available resources by being a good steward of what is provided to me. 

$1YBe actively involved in promoting a healthy community both inside and outside of the hospital.  I will:

$1·         Understand that getting immunizations, supporting a smoke-free workplace and volunteering within your community are ways of promoting a healthy community.

$1YResponsibly use environmental, financial, and human resources.  I will:

$1·         Take pride in Veterans Memorial Hospital as if I owned it.

$1·         Reduce, reuse and recycle whenever possible.  Look for ways to do things that reduce costs while maintaining high quality care and services.

$1·         Protect the assets of Veterans Memorial Hospital.  Conserve energy, properly maintain our facility and grounds, and protect the environment.

$1·         Respect the hospital by keeping all areas clean and free of clutter.  Promptly return equipment to its proper place.  Uncompromising levels of cleanliness are the responsibility of every employee.


$1YPut the needs of the patient and/or the community at the center of all decision making.   I will:

$1·         Represent Veterans Memorial Hospital both in the hospital and in the larger community and consider my actions accordingly.

My employment at Veterans Memorial Hospital is guided by these standards of behavior.  I have read, understand and agree to comply with the Veterans Memorial Hospital Standards of Behavior.



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