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Allamakee Public Health Recommends Vaccines to Optimize Health as We Age

September is National Healthy Aging Month

 By 2025, over 25% of Iowa’s population is expected to be 60 years or older according to the Iowa Department on Aging1. The health and wellbeing of older adults is a priority in the state. September is National Healthy Aging Month and Allamakee Public Health (aka Veterans Memorial Hospital Community and Home Care) and the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services are reminding Iowans to make sure they are up to date on key vaccines.

“As people grow older, they may be more susceptible to infectious diseases. Vaccination plays a vital role in preventing illnesses and protecting older adults from potentially severe complications,” said Sheryl Darling-Mooney RN. “Staying up to date on immunizations is one of the easiest, safest ways to protect yourself.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends adults ages 50 years and older stay up to date on COVID, flu and shingles vaccines, as well as the Tdap vaccine which protects against tetanus, diphtheria and whooping cough. The Hepatitis B vaccine is also recommended for adults through age 59, and seniors aged 65 and older should consider the pneumococcal vaccine to prevent potentially life-threatening pneumonia¹.

Allamakee County Public Health encourages older adults to consult with their healthcare providers to determine which vaccines are recommended based on their individual health status, age and potential risk factors. The CDC offers a complete list of recommended vaccinations on their website,