Calculate Your City-to-County Conversion Tax Increase

If Allamakee County residents approve the city-to-county conversion of Veterans Memorial Hospital, taxpayers will experience a tax increase of $1.09 per $1000 of the net taxable value of their residential properties.

What does that look like for your property? Follow these steps to find out for yourself:

  1. Find the assessed taxable value of your residential property; you can either:
    1. Call County Assessor Ann Burckart at 563-568-3145
    2. Visit the Beacon Public Access Portal.
      On this webpage, under “Address Search”, enter your address in the field, then click search. You will be taken to a new page; once there, scroll down to the section labeled “Taxation”, then scan down the left side column until you see = Net Taxable Value. You’ll find your property’s most recent assessed taxable value across the row under the 2021 column.
  1. Multiply your residential property’s assessed taxable value by 0.00109 – this provides you with the approximate tax increase for your property.

Please note: These steps are to calculate the tax increase for residential properties only and may not reflect the exact dollar amount of your residential property tax increase.