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Dave Schwartz, MD  

Family Medicine/Emergency Services/Maternity Services

I was born and raised in Kellogg, Iowa with a population of 600 people, 100 dogs, and 200 cats. I chose to become a medical provider because digging ditches didn’t work out and neither did being a game warden. My special interest in medicine is everything. I love it all from birth to death. OB is high on the list of favorites. I was drawn to the Waukon area because it is the perfect combination of small hospital that does OB in Iowa and in God’s country. That is what attracted us. It was the people that kept us here.

Schools and Degrees:

Erv Malnarich Guide School – Hamilton, MT

Northeast Missouri State University – B.S. Science

University of Iowa School of Medicine – M.D.

Mayo Family Practice Residency – La Crosse , WI

Medical Achievements:

Still in love with it all after 26+ years! Dr. Schwartz was awarded the Iowa Hospital Association Hospital Hero Award in October, 2017, for his dedication to rural health care and obstetrics.







Personal Interests/Hobbies:

I enjoy spending time with family, hunting, fishing, horses, flying, exercising, and sports of all types.