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Katy Maker, Nurse Midwife, NP

Katy Maker has over 30 years of experience as a nurse midwife and has assisted in nearly 2,000 deliveries.  She will continue to add to that number, assisting moms with their baby’s birth in the Veterans Memorial Hospital Birthing Center.   Katy is also proficient in water births.

“I am happy to be bringing my experience here, to work at Veterans Memorial Hospital and back in rural Iowa,” states Katy.  “I have always preferred the rural practice where families have access to quality care and do not have to travel to have their babies.  We are the only hospital in the region that offers water birth and I enjoy those very much.”

In addition to being a full-scope nurse midwife, Katy Maker is a Family Nurse Practitioner and will provide care to patients in both the Waukon and Postville clinic locations.   She will be offering well child visits and well-woman visits as well as primary care and annual Medicare physicals, plus caring for behavioral health patients with anxiety and depression.  She will also have same-day appointments available for all acute patients, both male and female.

“I have worked with my colleagues here at VMH for many years and am confident with and trust all of them,” adds Katy.  “We help support each family to have the birthing experience they want, keeping births in their community and as natural as they desire, making it a safe, satisfying birth experience.  I am really happy to be here, back in a small town, creating close relationships with all parents so they can feel supported.”