Respiratory Therapy

Respiratory Therapy

Respiratory Therapy

The Respiratory Therapy Department is specialized in assessment and treatment of patients with acute and chronic problems in the cardiopulmonary system. Respiratory Therapy can help with endurance and breathing, strengthen the lungs, and increase overall health by doing many different procedures ranging from diagnostic tests to therapeutic tests.

Inpatient Services:

    •  Aerosol Treatment
    • MDI/DPI Treatment
    • Oxygen Therapy
    • Home Oxygen Testing
    • Lung Exercises (Incentive Spirometry)
    • Airway Clearance Technique
    • Smoking Cessation

RTs are also available in C-Section deliveries and high-risk OB deliveries.

 Outpatient Services:

    • Pulmonary Function Testing
    • Simple Spirometry
    • Spirometry with a Bronchodilator
    • Overnight Oximetry
    •  Sleep Studies
    •  Home Nebullizer


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