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Skilled Care/Swing Bed

Skilled Care/Swing Bed

Skilled Care is a level of care for patients who have had an inpatient hospital stay, either VMH or at another facility, and are still recovering from an illness, surgery or accident and are not quite ready to go home.  These patients require one or more of the following Skilled Rehabilitation needs:

  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Skilled Nursing Care
  • IV Antibiotics
  • Respiratory therapy

Along with the above skilled services, every skilled care patient has these services as needed:

  • A Dietitian
  • Laboratory and Radiology Services
  • Examination by your medical provider weekly or on an as needed basis
  • Personalized discharge planning

Skilled care is usually covered by insurance if you meet the insurance guidelines.  We assist you in finding out if your insurance covers a skilled stay whether you are on Medicare, a Medicare Advantage Plan or private insurance.

Skilled care gives you the advantage of care close to home and accelerates your recovery phase to help you meet your personal goals of returning back home.  It also makes it easier for families or caregivers to participate in the recovery process by learning how to help upon returning home.

Our care team meets with patients and families weekly to ensure the individualized goals and care plans are prepared  for the transition to home.  Our social worker will assist you in obtaining equipment or other resources to assist you at home. If you are unable to return home, she will assist you in referral for other options.

If you are having surgery or have been transferred to another facility for an illness, talk with your medical provider or social services about transfer to Veterans Memorial Hospital for a skilled stay.

For more information contact: Laura Sorensen Social Worker at 563-568-3411 extension 225.

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“The therapists at VMH were very good to me,” states Carolyn. “They helped me get stronger with my walking and get my arms and hands stronger so they could be of use to me. They were worked with me to make sure I could dress myself and to be on my own. They were adamant that I was strong enough before I could come home. I did have to go back and forth to Rochester a couple times, but whenever I returned to VMH, they were all such a friendly group with a hometown feeling. Some of them that worked with me would sit down and visit and make me feel comfortable, help with my hair and other things. It was quite a thing! Even now if I went back for something they would know me by name and I would know them, too. They were very good hearted.”
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“I would recommend skilled care to anyone. They take excellent care of you here. I just stayed a week and I felt very ready to go home. I did so much better than the first time without swing bed. Having every day therapy is such a benefit. They are sort of like family when they are working with you. It makes you want to work with them more that way. They are proud of you when you make progress. This is the place to come when you need it!” ~Karen