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40 Youth Complete Baby-sitting Seminar at VMH!

Congratulations to the 40 students who completed the recent Veterans Memorial Hospital Baby-sitting classes on Friday, March 29.  The classes were instructed by Corinne Cook, RN, and consisted of teaching the qualities of being a good baby-sitter including basic child care, accident prevention, fire prevention, and first aid. These new baby-sitters also learned CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and the Heimlach Maneuver in the case of a choking child.  The Waukon Police Department even helped with teaching many safety concerns.

The students who completed the Veterans Memorial Hospital Baby-sitting seminar included Willow Waldron, Regan Miner, Jackson Plein, Landry Schwartzhoff, Kaylin Deason, Adalyn Leiran, Hattie Sauer, Ida  Sauer, Payson Quandahl, Emma Meyer, Keira Strand, Nelie Stollenwerk, Kayden Haberichter, Landon Marting,  Stella Iverson, Allison Hagensick, Emma Berges, Chloe Corwin, Harrison Elsbernds, Camden Nosbisch, Stella Christen, Brooke Huinker, Cooper Huinker, Michael Voves, Ava Deeney, Mya Deeney, Lenna Rohrer, Rylan Stokman, Abigail Moore, Kinsley Bosley, Jayden Criswell, Kendall Palmer, Charlee Crary, Ella Winter, Olivia McCormick, Lenna Rohrer, Leona Hammell, Brinnly Rea, Ada Welsh, Kylar Delaney, Delainee Steiber, Leighton Stagger, Emrie Dietrich, and Presley Iverson.