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Pictured is Randy Buddenberg of Ossian using the parallel bars that he donated to our Rehabilitation Department, after remodeling his own home and no longer having a need for them. Whenever he needs to return to the hospital, they are here for him to use as well as all other rehab patients. He is pictured with Brad Krambeer, at left, and Dacia Johnson, at right, both of the Rehabilitation Department.

Buddenberg Donates and Utilizes Own Rehab Equipment at VMH

Randy Buddenberg of Ossian recently donated these parallel bars to the Veterans Memorial Hospital Rehabilitation Department after remodeling his own home and no longer having a need for them.  The bars are being utilized regularly by physical therapy patients at the hospital, and whenever Buddenberg returns to the hospital as a patient, the bars are here for him to use.

“I always ask to come to Waukon whenever I need it because the nurses are all so great and I feel so comfortable with them and the rehab department.  I have spent a lot of time there and they all do a good job,” states Randy.  “It’s hard for these little hospitals to compete with the bigger places, but I always choose to come back. They are so nice to work with.   Therapy has really helped me.  Just by doing the smallest things over and over again, pretty soon the problem disappears and its amazing.  Plus they are very entertaining and put me in a good mood!”

“Working with people like Randy makes my job so fulfilling,” explains Dacia Johnson, Rehab Tech.  “He has been coming here since his first stroke many years ago. Working with wonderful people like him over and over again, they begin to feel like family. He is a great person to work with and we miss him when he leaves us a goes back home.”

Brad Krambeer, Certified Athletic Trainer, adds, “We feel terrible for our patients when they can’t get back to their own way of life, but we help them as much as we can and its very gratifying.  It’s unbelievable what a great attitude Randy has and how he can keep a positive attitude like that for all these years.  He’s an amazing dude!”

Veterans Memorial Hospital encourages other patients to ask to have their therapy locally, like Randy does.  For more information, contact Dacia Johnson in Rehabilitation at 563-568-3411.