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April is Defeat Diabetes Month. Follow these tips on How to “De-Feet” Diabetes from Dr. Kristina Thompson, Podiatrist at Veterans Memorial Hospital.

Defeat Diabetes Month-Tips on How to “De-Feet” Diabetes

Dr. Kristina Thompson, Podiatrist, provides specialty foot care at Veterans Memorial Hospital. She recommends the following for “de-feeting” diabetes!

  • Avoid soaking feet, this causes excessive dryness and can lead to cracks.
  • Check feet daily for any new blisters, wounds, etc.
  • Avoid going barefoot, especially if you have neuropathy/diabetic nerve damage.
  • Ask your provider about diabetic shoes!
  • Work with your providers and/or diabetes educator to keep your glucose within target range.  This decreases risk of complications.
  • If you notice a blister or wound, don’t delay treatment.  Get in with a provider with a knowledge on wound care.
  • Exercise if you are able.  This increases blood flow circulation.
  • Don’t remove callus or corns yourself, see your doctor!
  • If you are able to trim your own toenails, trim straight across.  If you are unable to trim your own toenails, see a podiatrist for treatment.

In addition to being a podiatrist, Dr. Thompson is also a wound care specialist and diabetes educator.   For more information or to make an appointment with Dr. Thompson, please call Veterans Memorial Hospital at 568-3411.