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The complex role of the Health Information Management department is one completed efficiently and effectively behind the scenes of every healthcare organization. Pictured is the Health Information Management staff at Veterans Memorial Hospital, from left to right, Kori Troendle, Tammy Jostand, Regan Folsom, Wendy Bucheit, Katelyn Ramstad, Karen Mahr and Heather Hills.

Health Information Management Week—Healthcare Management Behind the Scenes

At Veterans Memorial Hospital, our certified professionals each handle a large piece of the health record.  Some of these pieces include obtaining pre-authorization from insurance companies prior to a procedure, credentialing each and every medical provider, transcribing provider notes and very specifically coding each and every care given and supply used for each patient in each department of the hospital and clinics.

The Health Information Management Department maintains medical records for each patient and coordinates the release of information.  They follow strict patient confidentiality guidelines for proper release.

Patients may also easily access their own medical record information at anytime on-line using the My Care Corner patient portal.  To register to use My Care Corner, please go to the hospital’s website at and click the red MyCareCorner box in the upper right corner of the screen.

Accuracy and protection of patient information are vital components of the many  career opportunities associated with the Health Information Management department.  For more information, please call the Health Information and Technology Department at 568-3411.