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National IV/Infusion Nurse Day January 25

January 25 is National IV/Infusion Nurse Day.   Pictured is Pat Daigle, RN, Infusion Nurse at Veterans Memorial Hospital in the Infusion Room.  Infusion treatments, also called IV Therapy, has become a popular option at the hospital.  These services are offered close to home in a well-organized, clean and comfortable environment to save patients and their family members time and energy.

Some examples of the services offered include IV antibiotic therapy, IV anti-inflammatory and steroid therapy, blood transfusions, iron therapy, hydration and electrolyte replacement, medication injections, pain management, immunoglobin treatments, port and PICC line care, and more.

The hospital encourages everyone to ASK their provider to have their IV/Infusion therapy at Veterans Memorial Hospital where it is convenient and close to home.