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Phlebotomist Recognition Week

National Phlebotomists Recognition Week was February 12-16. Phlebotomists are “Drawn to Help Others” through their skillful abilities in drawing blood from patients for clinical or medical testing, transfusions, donations, or research.  Administrative duties include accurately preparing, coding, and organizing blood samples for analysis.   Phlebotomists are certified professionals who must pass an exam and have the required education and experience to receive this professional certification.

Karli Rains is the Phlebotomist at Veterans Memorial Hospital.  She works full-time in the Laboratory drawing patients along with many administrative duties.

“I really do love my job at Veterans Memorial Hospital,” states Karli.  “It is vastly different every day. I like that it includes some hands-on patient care because I begin to create relationships with patients that I have who come frequently. I chose to work at Veterans Memorial Hospital because it is close to home and the small town hospital atmosphere makes it a great place to work!”

For more information on the career of phlebotomy, call the Laboratory at 563-568-3411.