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Diabetes Support Group Meeting

The Veterans Memorial Hospital Diabetes Support Group will hold its next meeting on Thursday, April 18, at 10:00 a.m.  The meeting will be held at Veterans Memorial Hospital in the Large Conference Room, located on the lower level of the hospital.

Angie Mettille, RN, Certified Diabetes Educator, will discuss the topic of diabetes technology. Most people and patients carry a smartphone now, and there are many apps that are free and easy to download and use that are helpful with activity monitoring, carbohydrate counting or blood sugar tracking. She will also talk more about continuous glucose monitors and encourages everyone living with diabetes to use one.  She states, “As with anything else in the medical world, insurance companies play a big part in making those devices affordable for those wanting to use them, so they are not an option for everyone… yet.”

This diabetes class is open to everyone who has diabetes or has a friend or loved one with diabetes.  For more information on the Diabetes Support Group, please call  Angie Mettille, RN/CDE, at Veterans Memorial Hospital at 568-3411.