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New Accounts Receivable Service-New Financial Counselor

As of September 5, we have returned to using Meduit to help with the collection of accounts for healthcare services.   With the help once again of Meduit, we will be able to provide cash acceleration to significantly improve financial performance.

“We need once again to return to the help of this outside agency to be sure we are getting the receivables collected in a timely manner, before they outdate,” explains Michael Coyle, CEO of Veterans Memorial Hospital.  “Our financial staff is kept very busy with the coding and billing, getting it all perfect for the insurance companies in order for them to pay the claim. By returning to this service, we can keep in better contact with our patients, updating them on their balance and working through their payment arrangements in a more timely manner.  We hope this will speed up the billing process and make the system more understandable and streamlined for both the patients and the hospital accounts.”

Patients with an outstanding balance after insurance or patients who are self-pay will receive a statement in the mail from us with all the billing details following their appointment.  A few days later, patients can expect a courtesy call from an employee from Meduit, calling on behalf of Veterans Memorial Hospital, to see if they have any questions or concerns with their bill.  These callers will have the guarantor number so the patient will know this is a legitimate, credible call on behalf of the hospital.  If no one answers, an automated message will be left on voice mails, asking patients to call back.  Payment plans can even be established during this phone call.

Anyone who has a current payment plan set up with the hospital must update that plan with the Meduit representative when they call.  The hospital has also added a new position of Financial Counselor to meet with patients to discuss their bill and to set up a payment plan for the portion of their medical bill they are responsible for.    This person can also help patients with applying for Medicaid.